A close-up image of a sea anemone
Image: by Jiří Mikoláš

100 Climate Conversations Maria del Mar Palacios: Blue Carbon

Presented by Powerhouse

Some coastal wetlands – known as blue carbon ecosystems – capture carbon dioxide 30 to 50 times faster than terrestrial forests. With the Blue Carbon Lab, Dr Maria del mar Palacios studies how these natural carbon sinks can help mitigate climate change and support aquatic biodiversity.

See del Mar Palacios in conversation with presenter Nate Byrne, recorded live at the Powerhouse as part of 100 Climate Conversations. Entry is free, bookings are essential as places are limited. Doors open at 2:45pm for a 3pm start. No late admittance.

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Dr Maria del Mar Palacios is a marine ecologist, project manager, and science communicator based at Deakin University’s Blue Carbon Lab. She is originally from Colombia and received her PhD from James Cook University, Queensland in 2017. She has over a decade of research experience in marine and coastal ecosystems, including blue carbon habitats such as mangroves and tidal marshes. del Mar Palacios established the award-winning Blue Carbon Citizen Science program, which has engaged 400+ corporate stakeholders in blue carbon research across Australia and New Zealand. By supporting the collection of soil carbon cores and the survey of coastal vegetation, participants are helping unravel the carbon sink capacity of coastal ecosystems.

Nate Byrne is a meteorologist, oceanographer, science communicator and former navy officer, but is perhaps most well-known for his high energy ABC News Breakfast weather broadcasts. From briefing senior military officers and hosting children’s science shows, to presenting the nation’s weather in times of emergency and calm, Byrne understands the importance of engaging and climate-focused communications. While weather is his speciality, Byrne is driven to share narratives about the world and the role of climate change in shaping our future

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